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Station Camp HS Varsity

Station Camp HS Varsity

Gallatin TN
Directed by: Mary Elise Laman
Instructed by: Mary Elise Laman, Minetta Holmes, AJ Jones, Antwone Garrett, & Adam Laman.
Competing in the Scholastic AA classification.

2024 Show: How I Feel

When you are overwhelmed and feeling swallowed by the stressors of life, and you close your eyes, where do you go? Where is your getaway place? The only place that makes you happy and care free. Freedom is yours, and only you know how you feel.

Station Camp HS Varsity Accolades

2023 Regional A Silver Medalists & TN State Champions


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Station Camp HS Varsity Registered Events

Summit HSJan 27, 2024
Mt Juliet HSFeb 3, 2024
Wilson Central HSFeb 17, 2024
SCGC Guard ChampionshipsApr 6, 2024

2024 Results

SCGC Guard Championships 78.45 6 SAA Apr 6, 2024
Wilson Central HS 66.18 2 SAA Feb 17, 2024
Mt Juliet HS 62.87 1 SAA Feb 3, 2024
Summit HS 62.64 3 SAA Jan 27, 2024

Past Results

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SCGC Color Guard Championships (Saturday) 86.96 2 SRA_BLUE Apr 1, 2023
Summit HS- Guard only 81.25 3 SRA Mar 4, 2023
Wilson Central HS - G,P,W 80.48 1 SRA Feb 18, 2023
Green Hill HS- G,P,W 71.55 2 SRA Feb 4, 2023
Mt Juliet HS- Guard only 69.40 1 SRA Jan 21, 2023

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