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Unit Info

Westmoreland Independent - All age

Westmoreland Independent - All age

Westmoreland, Tennessee
Directed by: Jordan Guardado
Instructed by: Jordan Guardado, & Dean Payne .
Competing in the All Age classification.

2024 Show: Losing Control

Under the haunting moonlight, a coven of witches chant ancient incantations, unleashing a malevolent spell that leaves an unsuspecting man teetering on the edge of sanity, losing control over his once-steady mind. As the dark magic takes hold, the witches revel in the twisted dance of chaos, watching with sinister satisfaction as he spirals into the abyss of his own unraveling thoughts.

Westmoreland Independent - All age Accolades

Westmoreland Independent is under the direction of Jordan Guardado. Westmoreland Independent has been an active member of SCGC Since 2022. Westmoreland Independent will be competing in the All - Age classification. 

Westmoreland Independent is an educational based unit in SCGC. All members collaborate to contribute to the growth and development of the show. 


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Westmoreland Independent - All age Registered Events

Green Hill HSFeb 10, 2024
Wilson Central HSFeb 17, 2024
Columbia Central HSMar 9, 2024
Siegel HSMar 16, 2024
SCGC Guard ChampionshipsApr 6, 2024

2024 Results

SCGC Guard Championships 73.34 1 All Age Apr 6, 2024
Siegel HS 68.56 1 All Age Mar 16, 2024
Columbia Central HS 69.68 1 All Age Mar 9, 2024
Wilson Central HS 61.80 1 All Age Feb 17, 2024
Green Hill HS 62.40 1 All Age Feb 10, 2024

Past Results

Westmoreland Independent - All age Past Results >>

SCGC Color Guard Championships (Saturday) 70.00 1 All Age Apr 1, 2023
Columbia Central HS- G,P,W 69.73 2 All Age Mar 18, 2023
Hart Co HS- G,P,W 60.38 1 All Age Mar 11, 2023
Summit HS- Guard only 55.72 1 All Age Mar 4, 2023
Green Hill HS- G,P,W 56.18 1 All Age Feb 4, 2023
Mt Juliet HS- Guard only 51.18 1 All Age Jan 21, 2023

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