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Perc/Winds Judge coord

Perc/Winds Judge coord

Greetings!  SCGC is looking for a Percussion /Winds Judge Coordinator for the 2024 season.  Job description can be found below!. Send resume to dwigginton214@gmail.com. Posting will be open until July 6, 2024


Dale Wigginton, president


Percussion/Winds Judge Coordinator. 

Purpose: Coordinate and implement the adjudication assignments of the respective divisions. 

Responsibilities: Maintain a working list of judges and assign those available to each SCGC  contest. 

Path of Responsibility: The Division Judge Coordinators report to the Executive Director. 

Selection/Contract: The functions of the Division Judge Coordinators shall be performed on a  contracted basis. The Division Judge Coordinator is hired by the Executive Director with the  approval of the Board of Directors. The Division Judge Coordinator shall not have an affiliation  with any group participating within their SCGC division. The term of the Division Judge  Coordinator shall be reviewed annually. If the position should become vacant, the Executive  Director will seek applications and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors for  approval.  

Fee for Service: A fee for the services provided shall be determined by the Executive Director  with approval of the Executive Board. Additional compensation will be available when working  as a chief judge at an SCGC contest. 


? Determine judge roster with input from the Executive Director.  

? Responsible for judging assignments for all contests. 

? Provide all judging assignments and contact details to the Executive Director in a timely  manner so travel/housing arrangements can be made and communicated. ? Maintain ongoing communications with (including, but not limited to) Executive Director,  Advisory Board, Steering Committee. 

? Maintain positive working relationships with the judging community. 

? Ensure that the proper and full application of scoring philosophy is applied. ? Provide an annual report to the Advisory Board. 

? Act as chief judge at SCGC contests when in attendance. When attendance is not  possible, assign another qualified judge to act as chief judge. 

? Supervise and review job performance of all judges to ensure the quality of judges?  numbers management, dialog, and adherence to the philosophy. 

? Address judges? issues of ethics or standards when necessary. Communication on  issues of this nature will be investigated, documented, and discussed with all appropriate  parties relative to the situation. 

? Address all instructor inquiries to judge issues or concerns. 

? Shall serve the Advisory Board with a judges? survey and feedback opportunity to be  completed 30 days after championships. 

? Participate in Advisory Board meetings as a non-voting member when needed. ? Will submit to an annual evaluation by the Executive Director and the Executive Board. ? Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

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