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2020 SCGC Scholarship Recipients

2020 SCGC Scholarship Recipients

Greetings Everyone, 

Today we are celebrating the achievements of your students with the announcement of the 2020 SCGC Scholarship Recipients. All applicants received an email with the video link below. You are receiving this link as a unit director of an applicant. You may receive it again through Competition Suite as we attempt to reach everyone in this "distancing" times! If you have a student who received a scholarship, I will contact them to verify their mailing address in the coming days to get their award to them (I have let them know this.) 

Please refrain from sharing this link on social media or websites due to copy right issues. We are working to provide a copy right friendly version in the days to come. However, you are welcome to share the link with those you feel should see it. 


Thank you all for your dedication, time, and effort you put forth every day for your students. The heavy number of qualified applications was a true indication of the great work you and your students are putting forth. 

Take care during this time of Covid-19 and stay safe. 

Danielle Todd 

SCGC Scholarship Coordinator 

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