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New Percussion class in 2018

New Percussion class in 2018

New in 2018....

Percussion Introductory Festival Class 

The Southeastern Color Guard Circuit (SCGC) is pleased to announce the addition of a new percussion classification for the 2018 season ? Percussion Introductory Festival Class, or PIFC. 

PIFC is intended to be a non-competitive classification for beginner ensembles that have a desire to participate in the winter percussion activity, but are not ready yet to compete in the PSA classification. PIFC ensembles will not receive a score at events they attend, but rather will receive a rating of I, II, or III. Ensembles participating in the PIFC class should demonstrate basic skills, but the design construction and composition will likely be the largest differentiator between PIFC and PSA ensembles. Ensembles should not feel pressure to spend large sums of money on elaborate props, uniforms, and sound systems. The ultimate goal of this classification is to allow a forum for new ensembles to cut their teeth in the winter percussion activity in preparation to compete in the PSA classification. Adjudicators will confer prior to critique regarding PIFC ensembles to determine readiness for PSA. In the event a consensus is that an ensemble should move up, the SCGC Percussion Coordinator and Percussion Representatives on the Board of Directors will review and make a final decision. No promotions will take place after the second weekend in March. 

PIFC Quick Facts: 

Ensembles will receive commentary from all four adjudication captions, but will not receive any scores or ordinals- including SCGC Championships. 

Ensembles will perform a show with a maximum performance time of 4:30, but the performance interval will remain the same as PSA at 9 minutes. 

Promotion into PSA is possible if an ensemble demonstrates readiness. Adjudicators will flag ensembles for review and SCGC personnel will complete the review for promotion. 

PIFC is not intended to be a destination classification. Participating ensembles should utilize this classification as a jumping off point into PSA within a couple of years. 

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