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SCGC Reminders!!

SCGC Reminders!!

Holiday Break is coming fast, so here is a repeat of previously shared information concerning SCGC requirements and deadlines!!  Please don't hesitate to contact us with if we can be of help. 

Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!  Donna

New for the 2015 season:  

Director (not parent representative) for every unit attending Championships is REQUIRED to attend a policy/procedures meeting that will be held during the first two field day weekends for guard and first two drum premier weekends for percussion.  This meeting is REQUIRED for a unit to be eligible to attend SCGC Championships.

Due Dates/Other Fees:

Membership applications and fees are due no later than December 31st. Units must be entered and all fees paid by December 31st to be eligible for SCGC Championships.  Please give your mailed payment 5 business days to make it to us by the due date.  Entry deadlines for each contest is 2 weeks prior to scheduled date. Entry limits shall be set according to facility specifics for each show. Units entering after a contest has closed will be placed on a waiting list for that contest. If a unit pulls out of a show after the close date, a $150 fee must be paid before the unit will be able to compete in any other SCGC competitions. If a unit withdraws from Circuit Championships AFTER the last REGULAR season show, a $250 fee must be paid no later than 30 days from circuit championship date. If fee is not paid unit will not be eligible for competition.

Color Guard Appearance Requirements:

Scholastic (with the exception of Cadet), and Independent Color Guard units MUST compete in a Field Day competition (one of the first two weekends of competition) and attend 2 additional weekends of competition (a weekend is defined as one or two performances per calendar weekend, the WGI Nashville Regional will be accepted as a circuit weekend) in order to qualify for circuit championships. Cadet Class color guards MUST appear by the 4th competitive weekend in order to qualify for circuit championships.

All Guard groups attending SCGC Championships (except the Cadet class) must compete at one of the Field Day weekends.  All units will compete in the class they registered for and then if necessary reclassification will be made by the Classification Committee throughout the 2015 season. The Classification Committee is made up of the Color Guard Coordinator, Chief Judge, Judging Staff, Unit Director, and one other Director/Instructor (not associated with the group or the class they possibly would be moved) will determine if a scholastic unit is competing in the appropriate class. The committee will reclassify scholastic units (up or down) as needed and will work in tandem with the promotion system. New for the 2015 season, promotions can/will take place up until the weekend before championships.

Percussion First Appearance Requirements:

All Percussion units must compete in one of the two contest labeled as Percussion Premier Day Contests and attend 2 additional weekends of competition to be eligible for SCGC Championships (the 2015 Mid South Regional in Bowling Green will be the ONLY WGI regional accepted as a circuit weekend).

Winds Requirements:

For 2015, SCGC will offer Winds at all events that offer a Percussion division and from February 28 on. No minimum requirements to attend Championships. This policy will be revised at the June meeting for the 2016 season.

SCGC Members in Action