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Independent Unit Insurance Deadline!!

Independent Unit Insurance Deadline!!

SCGC Insurance Guidelines

Scholastic Ensembles are not required to provide proof of insurance.

Independent Ensemble Insurance Requirements: $1,000,000 General Liability coverage and $10,000

Accident Medical Payments coverage policies are required per organization.

Independent Groups who fall under a University or School District insurance must provide a certificate of

coverage that reflects the specific Independent Group Name on the certificate and must detail $1,000,000

General Liability and $10,000 Accident Medical Payment coverage.

Submission Deadline ? Independent groups must mail proof of insurance with payment on or before

Jan 1. If group is using PayPal as method of payment, proof of insurance should be emailed/mailed

on or before Jan 1.

WGI has arranged a favorable group rate. Please Visit the WGI website for information and cost. The

General Liability policy protects your group, instructors, directors and officers against claims of bodily

injury liability, property damage liability, and the litigation costs to defend against such claims. This

coverage should also allow a group to rent rehearsal facilities, as most require proof of coverage.

The Accident Medical Payments covers all participants, volunteer workers and staff members while

participating in sponsored and supervised activities and while traveling, directly and without interruption,

to and from sponsored and supervised activities and their homes or places of residence.

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