• Our next event is on March 3nd
  • at Thompson HS in Alabaster AL
  • visit EVENTS for more on this and other contest

Field Day 1- Page HS

Field Day 1- Page HS

Dear Directors

A detailed schedule, contest packet, school map and time line chart are available in the SECURED AREA, under the CONTEST INFO / RECAPS section.
The schedule as always is tentative and the official one will be posted on Friday 1/18 by 12 noon.
Any changes needed will be minor in nature and should not affect your travel plans.

A PERFORMANCE TIME schedule for the fans and parents will be posted this afternoon in the EVENT page.

I will be sending an email later in the week about the season. 

Welcome to 2013...
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, returning and new units....
Gilles Ouellette
SCGC Contest Coordinator

SCGC Members in Action