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Recruiting of Members

Recruiting of Members


SCGC promotes scholastic eligibility for all schools in the areas we service. SCGC also has an open door policy for independent units to be part of the organization.  It is the hope that all independent units respect the membership of scholastic units.

Recruiting from active scholastic programs is not looked upon favorably.  If a student has participated in a scholastic group and has the desire to move to an independent group, it is in the best interest of  this organization and all parties involved that the directors of each unit agree to such an idea and that it be made clear that the scholastic unit is allowing the student to participate in another organization.

SCGC discourages independent groups from recruiting and utilizing membership composed of any high school students who were previously enrolled in an active winter guard or percussion ensemble and have not yet graduated.  Any student seeking membership in an independent unit and not participating in their "home" scholastic unit must provide proof that they have approval from the director of record with the SCGC and left the scholastic unit in "good standing".

SCGC Members in Action