• Thank you for such great performances at Championships
  • For groups moving on to World Championships good luck and safe travels
  • Information regarding the spring meeting will be announced soon

CG field day entry deadline approaching...

CG field day entry deadline approaching...

Dear Guard Directors,
We still have 16 CG units that have not signed up for shows.

Note that the entry deadline for the 1st contest (field day 1)  is January 1.
The deadline for the field day 2 is Jan 8.
All CG unit wanting to attend SCGC Championships must attend 1 of the 2 field day contest.

The Independence contest (Saturday Portion) is now on a wait list.
The Hoover and Clarksville contest are 7 units away from closing.
The Greenwood contest is 9 units away from closing.
So please, don\'t wait any longer and sign up for your shows.

All other events are filling up rapidly and I don;t anticipate any closure soon but be on the safe side and sign up soon.

Expect a few emails during the holidays with information pertaining to the 2012 season.

On that note, have a GREAT and HAPPY HOLIDAY season
SCGC Contest Coordinator
SCGC CG Coordinator

SCGC Members in Action