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Congratulations to MCM, Mt. Juliet Drum Line & Mt. Juliet Winter Guard at Indy Regional!

Congratulations to MCM, Mt. Juliet Drum Line & Mt. Juliet Winter Guard at Indy Regional!

This past weekend 3 of our SCGC units competed at Indianapolis, Indiana in 2011 WGI Regionals.  The SCGC was well represented with the following placements:


Percussion Independent World

From WGI website: “In one of the divisions where the prelim placements held, Music City Mystique (TN) (1st- 87.55) earned a commanding Regional victory with “Mantra”.  The 2011 edition has a similar presence to the 2004 “Se7en” and 2006 “MCM Traveling Sideshow” productions, both of which were World Champion shows. The program utilizes imagery of Indian and Eastern cultures to create a sense of dramatic intrigue, earning a standing ovation at the conclusion with the audience wowed by the intoxicating combination of athletic skill for the eyes and musical power for the ears.” 


Percussion Scholastic World

From WGI website: “Mt. Juliet (TN) (2nd- 81.5), a past finalist in both PSA and PSO classes, jumped up to World Class this year, and left no doubt they belong. “Ebb and Flow” details the ups and downs of life by highlighting the fact that we all have good days and bad days. The music book highlighted the ample chops of the talented battery, with a flurry of notes and stickings interrupted only by an interlude featuring an effective use of umbrellas (for warding off life’s rainy days). 


Color Guard Scholastic A

From WGI website: “Mt Juliet HS (TN) (2nd, 76.20) Soft piano music sets the tone for Mt Juliet’s program, which is entitled, “Coming Home.” Lattice flags, that spin beautifully, are the highlight of the show. The tarp, which is a floor plan of a house, ties in the random pieces of furniture that are spread across the floor. In addition to a strong flag book, their sabre book is also worth noting. Their movement was well choreographed and executed.”

SCGC Members in Action