• Thank you for such great performances at Championships
  • For groups moving on to World Championships good luck and safe travels
  • Information regarding the spring meeting will be announced soon

Welcome to the 2012 season !

Welcome to the 2012 season !

Dear Directors,

The\\n\\n SCGC web site is now accepting registration for the 2012 season.
If \\n\\nyou are new to SCGC, create a user name, password and follow the \\n\\nsteps...
If you are returning, LOGIN and sign up.

A few \\n\\nreminders:
- your payment must be received before you can sign up for\\n\\n shows.
- registrations done after Dec 1st will cost you an \\n\\nadditional $150.00 so don\\\'t wait.

What\\\'s new for 2011:
- \\n\\nOrganizations with a percussion and cg unit are eligible for the 2 unit \\n\\ndiscount.
To take advantage of that, selected the \\\"2nd units\\\" option\\n\\n when signing up your 2nd group.
- WGI has refined it\\\'s policy \\n\\nregarding the \\\"Scholastic eligibility rule\\\". SCGC follows the same rule \\n\\nso please be aware of it\\\'s content.
 A copy of that refined rule can \\n\\nbe found in the Director\\\'s only resource area.
- A new type of WGI \\n\\nRegional (Perc and CG) are being implemented. A copy of a memo WGI sent \\n\\nout is also available in the Director\\\'s only resource section.
Since \\n\\nboth Regional in the SCGC territory will embrace this format, I would \\n\\nencourage you to look into it and hopefully participate.
Keep in mind\\n\\n that the CG Regional will be held at Lipscomb University,  site of our \\n\\nChampionship.
- A copy of all emails received/sent by SCGC/ WGI or \\n\\nsister organizations will be stored in the Directors only resource \\n\\nsection.
- Work is being done to host a Percussion and CG workshop \\n\\nday right after band season. It all goes well, it will include work \\n\\nsessions for Directors, Sponsors and Instructors. I will inform you of \\n\\nthis as soon as I get more to share.

Available soon:
- CG \\n\\nField Day / Drum Premier, super weekends format and Championships \\n\\ninformation will be available in a few weeks.
- the 2011 WGI CG and \\n\\nPercussion competitive rule book will be posted as soon as they become \\n\\navailable.
- Blank scholastic eligibility forms, copyright forms and \\n\\ninformation will also be posted as soon as they become available to us.

Well,\\n\\n that\\\'s it for now.
Have a Great end of Band season.

SCGC Members in Action