• Thank you for such great performances at Championships
  • For groups moving on to World Championships good luck and safe travels
  • Information regarding the spring meeting will be announced soon



Thanks to everyone involved with SCGC during the 2010 season!!

To the performers...thank you for your dedication to growth and excellence. Your progress this season was amazing.

To the directors...thank you for your dedication to the education of our performers. Your endless work ethic and creativity were well represented on the floor.

To the parents, family, and friends...thank you for your boundless support of this activity. Performers and Directors could not make it work without your endless contribution of time and resources.

To our judges...thank you for sharing your expertise and encouraging the growth of our units this season. Your knowledge is imperative to the success of our programs and is much appreciated.

To the SCGC staff members...kudos on jobs well done!!  From the day to day grind of circuit business to the committee\'s work for championship weekend, everything was done and done well.

To the SCGC BOD...it is my pleasure and privilege to serve the circuit with each of you. Your concern for the kids involved in this activity, along with your fair, consistent, and positive approach to every aspect of circuit business is to be commended. My respect for each of you is tremendous.

Last but certainly not least...on behalf of the entire SCGC I would like to say congrats to all units who participated in Dayton.  You guys always make SCGC so very proud!!

See you all at the June meeting...all the best...Donna :0)
Donna McKinney
SCGC President

SCGC Members in Action