• Thank you for such great performances at Championships
  • For groups moving on to World Championships good luck and safe travels
  • Information regarding the spring meeting will be announced soon



The following is a copy of an email that went out to all Directors on Thursday afternoon...

Hey all,

Just a quick update...

The Championship contest packet and official schedule will be posted on Monday (3/22) by 5pm.

The order of appearance is determined as followed;
... each unit will be ranked based on an estimated score for the end of the season. We basically use your last score and put it in a math formula as does WGI for WGI rankings.
... Scores from WGI Regionals are not used (for all fairness to those that do not participate).
... Once placed in a chart we regroup units in neighborhoods.
A neighborhood is a group of units that score within a confined range, where spreads occur we create a 2nd and possibly 3rd grouping.
.... then finally, we draw within each neighborhood.

The official Championship draw will occur Sunday afternoon at the Antioch CG contest (at the tab table). All Directors are invited to attend. If you are not in the contest or can\'t make it, we will have someone from the BOD draw for you. We will draw in order of the pure ranking.
For example, if the ranking of a neighborhood is Grp A-  Grp D-  Grp C- Grp B  then Grp B with the highest estimated score will draw 1st. The number they draw indicates when they will go on, 1st 2nd 3rd or 4th, then GRP C will draw, and so on for all other units.  

To all units attending the CG Antioch contest or the WGI Nashville Percussion Regional, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!

SCGC Members in Action