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Guard Rule Changes!!!

Guard Rule Changes!!!

Please take note of the following rule changes for the 2010 season.  These are included in the 2010 WGI rule book which can be found in the Director\'s area.

Rule 4.2 changed to add the following:

Authorized equipment and/or hand-held props may be placed in front of the front boundary not to exceed five (5) feet.

Rule 4.3.2 amended to delete “simulated rifles”

The Color Guard Steering Committee has determined that simulated rifles (i.e. sickle rifles, Airblade, etc.) will no longer be defined as authorized equipment towards minimum equipment time.  This type of equipment may be used but will now be considered a prop.

Rule 4.8 amended to authorize the use of batteries.

Battery operated devices using “common use” batteries (AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, N, 9V and button cells) are allowed.  Car and/or truck batteries are not allowed.

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