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SCGC Percussion Coordinator Staff Position

SCGC Percussion Coordinator Staff Position

The SCGC Percussion Coordinator staff position is currently vacant and will be hired per the BOD job description below.  Interested parties should forward their letter of interest and formal resume/references via email to Donna McKinney on or before close of business on Friday, July 17, 2009.




The position of Percussion Coordinator shall be appointed by the Executive Board and/or President/CEO with the approval of the Board of Directors for an indefinite period of time. Although the Percussion Coordinator could have an affiliation with any unit, presently or during the previous season, it is understood that the Percussion Coordinator will act independently of his/her own unit.

Path of Responsibility:

The Percussion Coordinator shall implement the educational and philosophical directives of the Percussion Advisory Board and is responsible to the Board of Directors through the 2nd Vice President.

Salary Structure:

Salary and expense allocations shall be determined by the President/CEO with the approval of the Executive Board.


To plan, direct and review the overall activities of the percussion division of SCGC. Coordinate and implement the adjudication and training activities of the SCGC percussion activity.


Examples of Duties and Responsibilities:

-  Advance, promote, and manage the SCGC Percussion Program.

-  Maintain ongoing communications with the SCGC 2nd Vice President, the Percussion

   Judges Administrator, the Board of Directors and the Executive Board to assure

   coordination of all areas of joint responsibility; maintain common awareness of changes in

   procedures, policies and/or problems.

-  Provide a report to the annual Board of Directors Meeting.

-  Participate in the annual Advisory Board, and Judge Training Meetings as a voting member if


-  Participate in the annual Business Committee Meeting as a voting member.

-  Work with the Contest Coordinator to insure proper percussion competition arrangements.

-  Work with the Championship Coordinator to insure proper percussion competition   


-  Coordinate and provide the office (or Secretary and/or 2nd Vice President) with written  


-  Insure promotion and communication with percussion units, sponsors, etc. aiding the

   development of percussion activities.

-  Assure that all on going communication reflects the WGI and subsequent SCGC Philosophy.

-  Communicate with Chief Judges and the Judges Administrator regarding any changes to   

    adjudication procedures and other pertinent data.


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