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Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

SCGC Advisory Board Meeting

Mt. Juliet HS June 7, 2009

Executive Board in Attendance:
Donna McKinney (CG) - President
Melissa Bailey (CG) - 1st Vice President
Alan Rice (P) - 2nd Vice President
Rebecca Hope (CG) - Secretary
Kim England (CG) - Treasurer

Board of Directors in Attendance:
Tony Cox (P), Lindsey Lingerfelt (CG), Jim Reed (P), Tim Vaughn (CG)

SCGC Staff in Attendance:
Dean Payne - Color Guard Coordinator , Dave Coheley - Percussion Coordinator ,  Jason Harvey - Percussion Judge Liaison, Gilles Ouellette - Contest Coordinator, Christine Clayton - Color Guard Judge Coordinator

State Representatives in Attendance:  Rebecca Hope - Alabama , Troy Jones - Kentucky

Welcome and Introduction by Donna McKinney

Contest Coordinator Report given by Gilles Ouelette, questions and comments taken from the floor and discussion held.  Members present were polled and discussion was held regarding schedule for 2010.

Color Guard division report given by Dean Payne and Christine Clayton, questions and comments taken from the floor and discussion held.  2009 field day survey results were presented and discussion held regarding education for students and unit directors.

Percussion Division Report given by Dave Coheley and Jason Harvey, questions and comments taken from the floor and discussion held. 

Financial Report given by Kim England, questions and comments taken from the floor and discussion held.

Website Report given by Donna McKinney for Lance England, questions and comments taken from the floor and discussion held.

Scholarship Report not submitted for review/discussion.

2009 Post-Championships report given by Melissa Bailey, questions and comments taken from the floor and discussion held. 

2009 Proposals for Advisory boards were discussed with the following results (YES= send proposal to BOD for review, NO= vote not sent to BOD):

2009-01 – YES  Allow SCGC member units to count one (1) non-SCGC contest towards championships qualification.

2009-02 – YES  Reduce fees for units from same school or organization

2009-03 – WITHDRAWN  Contest venue in West Tennessee

2009-04 – WITHDRAWN    Reinstate Double Adjudication Panels for future SCGC Color Guard Championships Events

2009-05 – WITHDRAWN  Create an annual Educational SCGC event to include training for both performing members and staff. Event to include classes in flag, sabre, rifle and movement technique for performers and design and management courses for instructors.  Appropriate funds accordingly to bring in the best possible educators.


2009-06 – YES   Dividing Scholastic A Class Marching Percussion into at least 2 Classes. The new Class would be for less experienced marching groups that have less resources, than the Class SA national groups. The new class could be called SA Regional or anything else. The Directors would enter their group in the class they feel appropriate for them and the percussion judges would have the power to promote the group to the next class when the groupΉs achievement warrants a move.  This is in line with practices of the color guard classifications and will enable percussion groups to concentrate more on training and less on competition

2009-07 – NO  To have 2 out of 3 judges be WGI certified at all shows

2009-08 – YES  To have the judges that are not WGI trained, trained by a WGI official prior to the first show of the season, such as Mark Thurston or Andy Sanders.


2009-09 – YES  To have all units fill out critique sheets over the judges prior to entering critique.


2009-10- YES  To have all 1st and 2nd year groups required to have mentors

2009-11 – WITHDRAWN    Two thirds of a SCGC judging panel will be WGI trained

2009-12 – WITHDRAWN  Change the current times of first on Saturday to a yearly rotation

2009-13 – WITHDRAWN  To have the judges keep the first three sheets when the percussion class reaches over eight units.  This is so the judges can go back and change a number if need be.


2009-14 – WITHDRAWN  Split the PSA into 2 groupings (PSAA- PSA)


Representatives from state of Tennessee met to nominate open TN state rep seat (Kenneth Coultas resigned effective May 22nd).  Jeanna Rice was elected to serve the remaining one year term of the state rep/BOD seat.

BOD Nominations were presented and floor was open for additional nominations.  No nominations made from the floor.  Advisory Board voted with the following results:

Emily Abramson, Troy Jones, Lindsey Harrison Lingerfelt, and Tim Vaughn were elected to serve two year terms as color guard representatives on the BOD.  Tony Cox and Jim Reed were elected to serve two year terms as percussion representatives on the BOD.

SCGC Members in Action