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\\\"WGI Championships and the Green Shirt Guy\\\"

\\\"WGI Championships and the Green Shirt Guy\\\"


The following was written by Devon Rose, a 2nd year member of Eklipse Winter Guard and submitted by Matt Caudill.

“Championships and Green Shirt Guy”

Like last year, I walked into the arena and looked into the crowd...scanning. I saw a particular man this weekend in the crowd. He was in the second row on my left. He wore a green shirt and a watch. I set my ‘ballad’ flag, then my flag feature flag, and then my brick flag. I listened for \\\"is the guard ready?\\\" As always my insides were in knots. I set in my pose. I remember taking a breath every time Katie did. Then, I saw that green shirt guy. I put on my face and the show started.

I saw Tiffany and Sierra next to me dancing. I could feel the nerves in them. I could see the momentary burst of energy making them early and couldn\\\'t help but thinking about a year ago...when I did the same thing. I picked up my brick flag out of muscle memory and only got back into the show when I caught the opening toss.

As I caught my second toss I looked straight into the lights. Most people hate those, but I love them. Lights make me feel like I can be seen...even in the back. Those lights made me feel like a star. Then I was coming down the 50 with the new work and I saw the green shirt guy...just sitting while the people around him are going nuts. \\\"He must not like the costumes.\\\" At least that\\\'s what I was thinking.

Then… \\\"Yes... here we go... I\\\'m about to work out some dance!\\\" Of course I now made it my mission to gain the attention of green shirt guy. I laid my head back as my hand pulled across my shoulders. When my arms were fully extended I felt like I was taking up space. I felt noticed. I was sure green shirt guy could see me.

\\\"You got this..\\\" The ballad was here. \\\"Oh... I forgot to bend down on the 50 all the way.... oh well, it\\\'s time to go.\\\" The knots in my stomach were tight and painful and then I looked out real quick before the toss I fear most. A familiar face. \\\"You better work Devon\\\" At least that\\\'s what I thought I heard from one of my favorite Station Camp girls (who I even look up to at times).

\\\"YEA... the flag is in my hands... good to go.\\\" I finished the next section. I was not at all perfect but sometimes you have to let it go and just embrace the moment. I extended my flag and ran to the edge thinking only of the flag feature. Then, there was green shirt guy... still sitting perfectly still as the sabres threw their 5.

\\\"I got this.\\\" I looked directly at the green shirt guy as I yelled 7...8. \\\"Out, pull, sit, catch.\\\"

I honestly remember very little from the flag feature. I was working it out. I caught Laurens flag and apologized in my head for making Kelsey take an extra step. I ran to the front with my hand in my hair.

I placed my hand on my hip and looked into the lights as the front dancers and Lauren landed. Then, I looked for green shirt guy to see him smiling. While green shirt guy never clapped (at least while I saw him) I couldn\\\'t help but thinking \\\"One more year...it\\\'s just not enough.\\\" ·

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