• Thank you for such great performances at Championships
  • For groups moving on to World Championships good luck and safe travels
  • Information regarding the spring meeting will be announced soon

Membership Registration Deadline

Membership Registration Deadline

December 1st is the end of the registration period without paying a late fee. We accept new or returning memberships up to Jaunuary 1st but there will be a late fee of $150 applied during that period. 

SCGC Required Documentation...

1) Insurance---Certificate of Liability & Medical Incidental Coverage

2) Eligibility---Notarized SCGC Scholastic Eligibility form.(Scholastic groups only. Form available in the RESOURCES section of the web site)

3)Music Forms---(Form available in the RESOURCES section of the web)
Guard = Music Licensing
Percussion = Synch Form & Permission to Arrange or Original Composition Form

SCGC Fees...

First year member = $450...unlimited shows and Championship

Returning member = $400...unlimited shows and Championship

2nd member unit of like kind = $350 (2 guards or 2 drums but not 1guard and 1 drum)... unlimited shows and Championship

Non-member = $150... per performance. Non-member units are not elligible for Championships.   Units can sign up to shows up to 3 weeks prior to an event, payment must be received a week after signing up.

As a refresher, please remember that...

- You can sign up to any contest up to 3 weeks prior to that event.  To do so, Login and click on UNIT SETTING and then click on REGISTER FOR CONTEST.

- You can remove your unit from a contest up to 3 weeks from that event.  To do so, you must email Gilles at
contestcoordinator@scgc.org  There is a $75 fee for pulling out after the close date or for not showing up.

Thanks all and if you have any questions or need assistance don\\\\\\\'t hesitate to email Gilles at  

SCGC Members in Action