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Kentucky State Rep Position

Kentucky State Rep Position

The Kentucky State Rep seat is currently vacant and will be filled per the job description below.  Interested parties should forward their letter of interest via email to Donna McKinney on or before close of business Friday, June 27th.

SCGC State Representatives

Employment:  One state representative will be elected from each state with at least three (3) paid members of the SCGC.  These representatives will serve a two (2) year term.  The State Rep cannot be a marching member of a unit and must be at least 23 years old.

Path of Responsibility:  The State Representatives are responsible to the member units of their respective states.  They will report to the Board of Directors via the 1st Vice President.

Examples of Duties:  Maintain communication with unit members from their state.  Keep the member units abreast of information and/or issues pertaining to SCGC operation.  Keep the SCGC BOD abreast of concerns and/or issues from member units via reports to the 1st Vice President.  Other duties as deemed neccessary by the President/CEO, 1st Vice President, or BOD.

SCGC Members in Action