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Board of Directors - Nominations 2008

Board of Directors - Nominations 2008

Board of Directors - Nominations 2008

Color Guard Rep Nominations:

Melissa Bailey Brooks Winter Guard

Chris Cooper Independence High School

Kim England Hart Co. Winter Guard

Amy Hagler Hatton HS Winter Guard

Rebecca Hope Oak Grove HS Winter Guard

Donna McKinney Oak Grove HS Winter Guard


Percussion Rep Nominations:

Keith Anderson Bob Jones Indoor Percussion

Sally Coultas Lawrence Co. Percussion Ensemble

Michael Keeton Brookwood Percussion

Alan Rice Centennial HS Percussion



The following were elected in 2007 to serve two-year positions on the BOD:

Guard Reps: Matt Caudill, Jennifer Huddleston, Lindsey Lingerfelt, Tim Vaughn

Percussion Reps: Tony Cox, Jim Reed

The following BOD members were elected in 2006 to serve for a two-year term and thus their positions are open for nominations/election.

Guard Reps: Melissa Bailey, Kim England, Brian Giddens, Donna McKinney,

Percussion Reps: Michael Keeton (replaced resigned position), Alan Rice

State Rep seat: Rebecca Hope

**State Reps will be chosen as in previous years.... members from each state will meet and select/vote for their state's represenative.


SCGC Members in Action