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Brookwood Indoor Drumline

Brookwood Indoor Drumline

Brookwood, AL
Directed by: Dustin Barnett
Instructed by: Dustin Barnett, Taylor Barnett, Ric Ardovino, Austin Boyd, LaMeuriea Coleman, Lauren Deseno, Chase Moore, & Tyler Poe.
Competing in the Percussion Scholastic A- Regional classification.

2024 Show: Heroes

"What if a child aspired to be something greater?"  Are you a hero?


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Brookwood Indoor Drumline Registered Events

Bob Jones HSFeb 17, 2024
Thompson HSMar 2, 2024
Columbia Central HSMar 9, 2024

2024 Results

Columbia Central HS 75.85 2 PSA- Regional Mar 9, 2024
Thompson HS 68.65 3 PSA- Regional Mar 2, 2024
Bob Jones HS 66.40 3 PSA- Regional Feb 17, 2024

Past Results

Currently there are no past results for Brookwood Indoor Drumline.

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