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Unit Info

Ethos Independent WG

Ethos Independent WG

Hamilton, AL
Directed by: Brandon Owens
Instructed by: Brandon Owens, Director, Kim Lolley, Staff, Eric Zills, Staff, Phillip Berryhill, & Staff.
Competing in the Independent Regional A classification.

2024 Show: I'm Not Ready


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Ethos Independent WG Registered Events

Mortimer Jordan HSFeb 3, 2024
Bob Jones HSFeb 17, 2024
Spain Park HSMar 16, 2024
SCGC Guard ChampionshipsApr 6, 2024

2024 Results

SCGC Guard Championships 78.64 1 IRA Apr 6, 2024
Spain Park HS 72.94 1 IRA Mar 16, 2024
Bob Jones HS 69.50 1 IRA Feb 17, 2024
Mortimer Jordan HS 67.88 1 IRA Feb 3, 2024

Past Results

Currently there are no past results for Ethos Independent WG.

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