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Mortimer Jordan HS- Guard only

Mortimer Jordan HS- Guard only

Contest packet and schedules available below. The award ceremony is for Captains only and will be held at the end of the contest

Additional Information for Mortimer Jordan HS- Guard only

JUDGES: EQ-Robby Saner, MV-Caroline Rice, DA-Blaine Bomar, GE-Damon Padilla, Christopher Lester, T&P-Brad Love.

Contest Address

Mortimer Jordan HS
1920 Blue Devil Drive
Kimberly, AL 35091

Admission Cost
$12.00 / 5 & under at no charge / online ticket available below// Cash & Credit Cards accepted at the door//

Start Time

2:30 PM

Contest Manager

Mason McFarland - mmcfarland@jefcoed.com

Additional Contacts

Rosalyn Parker - rparker@jefcoed.com

  Directors can find more information in the secured area.

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