SCGC Championships- Belmont University

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SCGC Championships- Belmont University

Mar 30, 2012

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Friday night- Guard contest: Cadet- Novice- SRA- IRA
Saturday- Percussion and all remaining CG classes.

The schedule is available in a PDF format. Click on the link below.

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Curb Event Center, Belmont Univerity, Nashville, TN

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2002 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37212

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Please follow Driving Directions included in the UNIT Packet.
Click on link at the top of the page.

The contest manager for this event is Melissa Bailey -

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Hart County Cadet Guard
Rank Only
TW Hunter MS
Rank Only
South Paw Cadets
Rank Only
Ellis Emeralds of Zora Ellis Jr HS
Rank Only
Tupelo Vortex
Rank Only
Trousdale Winter Guard Purple
Rank Only
Etowah Cadets
Rank Only
Collinwood Cadet
Rank Only
Westmoreland Cadet Winter Guard
Rank Only


South Paw Seniors of S Pontotoc HS82.951
Todd County Winter Guard78.002
Giles County HS Winter Guard76.103
Warren County HS Winter Guard75.704
Russellville HS Winter Guard75.505
Ohio County HS Winter Guard74.556
Spain Park JV Winter Guard72.857
Madisonville North Hopkins B72.758
Hickman County Winter Guard67.459
Warren East HS Winter Guard66.1510
Prattville HS Winter Guard66.0011
Ripley Winter Guard60.9013
Collinwood Winter Guard60.8014
Westmoreland HS Winter Guard55.3015

Scholastic Regional A

Thompson HS Winter Guard84.451
LaVergne HS Winter Guard83.202
Vestavia Hills HS Eleganza82.603
Goodpasture Winter Guard82.504
Hoover JV Winter Guard80.605
Pelham HS JV Winter Guard77.456
Waverly HS Winter Guard76.807
Fultondale HS Estetica71.858
Dega Darlins Addition of Talladega HS71.459
Buckhorn HS Winter Guard71.1510
Shades Valley JV Winter Guard70.7011
Muhlenberg County HS Winter Guard70.7011
Westmoreland Tempest57.9013

Independent Regional A

Station Hill Winter Guard77.151

Scholastic AA

Pelham HS Winter Guard78.551
John Overton HS Winter Guard75.852
Hoover HS Winter Guard74.653
White House Winter Guard TN74.354
Southside HS Winter Guard73.355
Madisonville North Hopkins A72.456
Station Camp HS Winter Guard69.957
Pell City HS Winter Guard68.858

Independent A

Amour Winter Guard82.501
Eklipse A Winter Guard81.802
Vivace of Huntsville Independent76.503
Fusion Independent Winter Guard75.254
Southeast Visual Ensemble73.655
Project Imagination Winter Guard68.756
NuVision Winter Guard66.007
Firenze Independent65.708

Scholastic Open

Brentwood HS Winter Guard70.751

Independent World

Eklipse Winter Guard78.051

Scholastic AAA

Fred J Page HS Winter Guard76.601
Beech HS Winter Guard74.252
Creek Wood HS Winter Guard72.803
Heritage Winter Guard70.754
Hart County HS Winter Guard69.855
Bob Jones HS Winter Guard69.756
Desoto Central JV Winter Guard68.707
Lawrence County Winter Guard67.558
Tupelo Tsunami Winter Guard67.159
Greenwood HS Winter Guard64.9510
Spain Park HS Winter Guard62.9011
Arlington HS Winter Guard62.7512
Northside HS Winter Guard59.1513
Trousdale Winter Guard Gold57.2514
Fort Payne HS Winter Guard56.3015
HYPE WG_Hopkinsville HS56.1516
Dickson County HS Winter Guard55.7017

Scholastic A

Father Ryan HS Winter Guard83.701
Sparkman Winter Guard83.152
Desoto Central HS Winter Guard82.103
Mt Juliet HS Winter Guard81.504
Ravenwood Winter Guard77.155
Talladaga HS Winter Guard 76.706
Centennial HS Winter Guard74.757
Decatur HS Winter Guard73.908
Oak Grove HS Winter Guard72.659
Visual Theater67.6010
Shades Valley HS Winter Guard66.8011

Percussion Introductory Festival Class

Division rating of 1-5. One (1) being the highest level of achievement a unit can receive.
Hoover Percussion
Festival Rating
Beech Indoor Percussion
Festival Rating
JP II Knight Sticks Percussion
Festival Rating
Hopkinsville HS_HYPE Percussion Ensemble
Festival Rating
Ripley Indoor Percussion
Festival Rating

Percussion Scholastic Concert A

Hickman County Winter Percussion79.051
Trousdale Winter Drumline73.552

Percussion Scholastic A

Sparkman Indoor Percussion90.251
McNairy Indoor Percussion Theater88.613
Oak Grove Indoor Drumline88.504
Centennial Winter Drumline86.725
Riptide Indoor Percussion Ensemble_Tupelo HS_85.056
Desoto Central Indoor Percussion Ensemble84.587
Collierville HS Indoor Percussion81.5310
John Overton HS Percussion81.3411
Henderson Indoor Percussion (H.I.P.)80.4412
Warren East Percussion79.1913
Station Camp HS Percussion76.1414
Hart County Winter Drumline75.7115
Cullman Indoor Drumline74.8816
Glasgow Indoor Percussion71.5517

Percussion Independent A

DoubleStop Indoor Percussion84.201
Audio Theater81.852
Russellville Independent Percussion71.083
Kinesis Percussion Ensemble70.004

Percussion Scholastic Concert Open

Dickson Co HS Percussion89.501
Prattville HS Percussion86.502
SBEC Concert Percussion84.153

Percussion Scholastic Open

Independence HS Drumline84.601
Harpeth HS Percussion Ensemble84.382
Greenwood HS Percussion74.833

Percussion Scholastic World

Father Ryan HS Percussion90.191
Mt. Juliet Winter Drum Line88.832

Percussion Independent World

Music City Mystique91.901