SCGC update for 2018

SCGC update for 2018

Posted: Sep 11, 2017 - 12:45 pm
Author: Gilles Ouellette

The fall meeting was held yesterday at Bob Jones HS and in a few days we will be able to post information regarding the 2018 season.
Here's some information I can share with you at this time. More will be announced later this week.

1- The 1st 3 shows are set for Hoover HS on Jan 20th(CG-P-W), Siegel HS on Jan 27th (CG), Independence HS on Feb 3 (CG-P-W)

2- Championships is set for April 7 for CG and April 8 for Percussion and Winds.
We will be returning at WKU.

3- The rest of the schedule still needs some minor tweaks and will be released later this week or at the beginning of the following week.

4- I'm working very hard to get 3 shows in the B'ham area. We have interested hosts, they are working with their admins. Fingers crossed... 

5- Mike Leitzke, our new Percussion & Winds coordinator  has secured judges for most shows. We will publish this soon. We have lots of new and high profile folks coming into the circuit.

6- A new Percussion, festival non competitive marching class will be offered in 2018. More on that soon. Please spread the word out

7- Guard classification is still in the works, we expect to have that done mid week.

8- Rules changes set by WGI are minor and a list will be publish as soon as I receive it from WGI.

9- Lots of work was done over the summer on the on Circuit Constitution and Bylaws. These will become available early next week.

More to come
Talk soon
Stay safe