Lawrence Co- field day 2

Lawrence Co- field day 2

Posted: Jan 8, 2013 - 1:03 pm
Author: Gilles Ouellette

Dear Directors
A detailed schedule & contest packet for the Lawrence Co, Field Day 2 ,are available in the SECURED AREA, under the CONTEST INFO / RECAPS section.
The schedule, as always, is tentative and the official one will be posted on Friday 1/25 by 12 noon.
Any changes needed will be minor in nature and should not affect your travel plans.

A PERFORMANCE TIME schedule for the fans and parents can be found in the EVENT page.

I will be sending an email later in the week about the season. 

Welcome to 2013...
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, returning and new units....
Gilles Ouellette
SCGC Contest Coordinator