Membership Registration Deadline

Membership Registration Deadline

Posted: Nov 30, 1999 - Fri, Nov 28, 2008 - 10:27 AM
Author: Gilles Ouellette

December 1st is the end of the registration period without paying a late fee. We accept new or returning memberships up to Jaunuary 1st but there will be a late fee of $150 applied during that period. 

SCGC Required Documentation...

1) Insurance---Certificate of Liability & Medical Incidental Coverage

2) Eligibility---Notarized SCGC Scholastic Eligibility form.(Scholastic groups only. Form available in the RESOURCES section of the web site)

3)Music Forms---(Form available in the RESOURCES section of the web)
Guard = Music Licensing
Percussion = Synch Form & Permission to Arrange or Original Composition Form

SCGC Fees...

First year member = $450...unlimited shows and Championship

Returning member = $400...unlimited shows and Championship

2nd member unit of like kind = $350 (2 guards or 2 drums but not 1guard and 1 drum)... unlimited shows and Championship

Non-member = $150... per performance. Non-member units are not elligible for Championships.   Units can sign up to shows up to 3 weeks prior to an event, payment must be received a week after signing up.

As a refresher, please remember that...

- You can sign up to any contest up to 3 weeks prior to that event.  To do so, Login and click on UNIT SETTING and then click on REGISTER FOR CONTEST.

- You can remove your unit from a contest up to 3 weeks from that event.  To do so, you must email Gilles at  There is a $75 fee for pulling out after the close date or for not showing up.

Thanks all and if you have any questions or need assistance don\\\\\\\'t hesitate to email Gilles at